Statewide Roofing Specialist: Certified Roofing Experts in NC, USA

As certified roofing experts, we have the knowledge needed to handle any roofing job, no matter how big or small. We’re fully certified and insured with years of experience within the industry.

We are also certified through Gaf and Haag and 3 Time Angie’s list super service award winners.

We offer a full spectrum of home improvement repairs and also new construction. We provide both commercial and residential roofing services, we make and install custom seamless gutters on-site, roof installation, repair, replacement, or financing, we have got your back and look forward to earning your business.

Call us today and see the difference. We will be there when you need the small repairs as much as the bigger roof replacement.

Our mission statement is simple.

Integrity, hard-working, family, community.

Certified, Bonded and Insured

About Statewide Roofing

As a professional roofing company, we are committed to treating every customer as if they are our only customer. We are a team of experts and roof contractors with years of experience and we will be there for you through it all!

Our attention to customer care has made us three-time Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner, voted among the top 5% contractors!

As a leading Statewide roofer company in North Carolina, we are a customer-centric and expert roofing provider with exceptional services. We have a professional roofers’ team who have stellar experience in roof construction and repairing.

From installing a new roof, rebuilds to repairing and renovation, we’ve got you covered. We serve businesses, families, and anyone who has suffered roof loss. We take immense pride in having brilliant roofers, affordable roofing prices, and the expert manpower to deliver the best results.

Our mission is to dedicate our statewide roofing expertise to all kinds of roofing projects that entirely revolve around construction.

Our goal is to become the foremost roofing company in North Carolina and surrounding areas by reducing the rebuild and repair costs of every residence and business.

Our vision is to become the leading company in roofing construction by providing incomparable, high-quality roofing services that comes within everyone’s budget.

But that is not it. We are statewide domestic roofers that continue to meet customers’ requirements and surpass their expectations to produce better results. We specialize in roof installation (metal, EPDM, TPO, Shingle), roof repair, roof replacement and roof inspection.

Wondering about the material we use? Don’t you worry as we have premium quality material that we purchase from prominent local distributors.

Licensed, insured, verified durability, and experienced—we’ve got the next best thing for your roof. Roofing prices and features are diverse, but we promise to deliver the same high-quality roofs to customers to maintain brand recognition.

Our Roofing Services

Our success depends on your happiness, and we ensure to achieve that by guaranteeing leakage, drainage, and damage-free roofs to you. For our client-centric approach, people in North Carolina love to call us for residential roofing and commercial roofing services. We focus more on the client’s expectations and merge them with our expertise to prove we are one of the best roofing services companies in North Carolina.

We travel around North Carolina to ensure you are not having a bad or damaged roof over your head. Waterproof your roof today and never worry about heavy rainfalls or any kind of drainage. We have the knowledge, workforce, and experience to provide industrial-grade roofing services.

Statewide roofers are qualified, experienced, and highly trained workers who aim their efforts to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free inspection and free quotation for your roof. We will gladly provide you with the best roofing advice, ever!


We can take care of any of your roofing needs at home, whether you need minor asphalt shingle repair or a whole new roof installation.


We offer full commercial roofing services while maximizing the efficiency of your roof so you can focus on running your business without concerns.

Storm Repairs

We provide quality roof repair services for properties that have suffered storm damage or other types of weather-related damages.

Roof Installation Services

Efficient, accurate, and with dedication— these are the terms that our formidable clients had to say after we installed roofs for them. We provide the following roof installation services:

  • Metal Roof Installation – this is a safer option if you are residing in a windy and heavy storm area. It comes in panel sheets and a tool that locks the sheets with metal.
  • Shingle Roof Installation – Most common type of roofing installation is asphalt Shingles. It is installed in an upward manner to cover the full roof.
  • EPDM Roof Installation – Proven durability of over 60 years, EPDM roofing is a single-ply membrane-type flat rubber roof that prevents the roof from harsh weather.
  • Soffit and Fascia Roof Installation – Installed on the edges of the roof, soffit and fascia are two barriers that hold the corners of the roof by covering them completely against any damage.
  • Gutter Installation – A water drainage pipe or system that we install on the roofs so that during rainfalls, the water makes its way to the ground and does not stay on the roof to damage it.

Roof Repair Services

We provide the best roof repairing services including:

  • Metal Roof Repair – Unlike other roofing contractors, we first find a durable solution and then jump to repair. For metal, the damaged and repaired material should be matched as unmatched material causes leakage from the edges. Get a low-cost roof leak repair today!
  • Shingle Roof Repair – Only the cracked shingles must be replaced. If the cracks are minor, only then the single roof can be repaired.
  • Soffit and Fascia Roof Repair – Soffit and fascia get rot from time to time. We simply remove the rotten ones or repair them if the edges are cranked.
  • Damage and Leak Roof Repair – The the rubber roofing repair is the best for such type of repair. But we always first inspect the type of roof because mostly the roof leakage or damage is beyond repair.
  • Gutter Roof Repair – To defend your home against major damages, a leaked gutter repair can be pivotal. This is the only repair that if not done in time, will cost you the entire roof as the rot spreads quickly.

Roof Replacement Services

A properly installed roof will outlast the structure. But if the material is crude, and installed by an unreliable roofing contractor, then your roof will slowly start to fall. This is what most of our clients have faced when they first came to us for roof replacement. We offer:

  • Metal Replacement for Roofs – Exquisite metal available in a variety of durability with partial and full recycled metal.
  • Shingle Replacement for Roofs – Affordable roof replacement solution with an extensive range of colorful shingles.
  • EPDM Roof Replacement – EPDM is a flat roof material that lasts for decades. But if the material is not good, it won’t last a year. That’s why we are here. We have the best EPDM replacement plans for your roof.
  • Soffit and Fascia Replacement for Roofs – Our roofing experts have a rudimentary knowledge of carefully replacing soffit and fascia for roofs so that your other roofing elements remain intact.
  • Gutter Replacement for Roofs – We have all the roofing-supply tools that enables our experienced roofers to replace Gutter in no time.

Re-roofing Services

Re-roofing is a delicate process that we have mastered over the years. Re-roofing service is something that scares roofing contractors but not us. We are here to serve the locals with the best re-roofing services that one can find in the entire North Carolina state.

  • Re-Roofing for Metal – The best way to save metal costs is to re-roof the old one with the new one. The durability and robustness increase along with the metal’s anti-corrosion lifespan.
  • Re-Roofing for Shingle – The best way to prevent shingle roof leakages is to apply one over another. It will restore the roof’s look and fill the tiny leakage spots.
  • Re-Roofing for EPDM – EPDM is best with a rubber flat roof that not only makes the roof sunlight repellent but molds with the old EPDM sheet.
  • Re-Roofing for Soffit and Fascia – One is cheaper than the other. Soffit is likely to be re-roofed if the damages are not too much. However, fascia is weather-sensitive for re-roofing.
  • Re-Roofing for Gutter – If the gutter is attached to the fascia, then it becomes easy to install the new roof without the need of removing the gutter.

Roof Inspections

All of our roof inspections are free of cost. We make sure to use the best available methods and technology to gather as much information as possible during a roof inspection. We use drones for roof inspections to ensure that we don’t miss any roof corner or edge. We recommend monthly roof inspection to home and building owners.

The roof and shingles may appear to be fine, but a careful inspection can reveal the health of your roofing against damages. People are surprised to see the detailed drone roof inspection reports.

We are also a Haag certified roofing inspection company that ensures your home or commercial structure remains intact for many-many years. Our certified Haag inspectors will present you with the checklist, summary, and tips after carefully examining your roof for interior and exterior damage.

Roof Financing

In this age of inflation, nobody’s safe from the rising costs of almost every single thing, which is causing us to now be more considerate of our spending and to plan and finance any procedure. Roof financing lets you protect your investment and keep yourself financially safe without having to worry about making large, lump-sum payments. We, as your roofing company, offer finance which will help spread the cost of the roofing process making your investments a good idea.

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What is Roofing?

An essential part of building your home, office, or any house for that matter is its roofing. Roofing is the process of creating a top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building. The careful consideration of the type and material you want for your roof is indeed an important decision, one that we as your roofing contractor will make easier.

Residential Roofing

To make your roof 100% protected against all kinds of storms, we have an extensive range of residential roof products that we love to offer. We provide residential roofing services for copper roofing, clay tile, shingle, wood shake, wood shingle, metal, slate, concrete tile, stone-coated steel roofing, etc.

From roof replacement, roof installation, and everything in between, we pay close attention to customers’ requirements, offer advice if necessary, and make sure that the customer gets the best out of our roofing expertise.

Today, when it comes to choosing the right roof, a wide range can be found in the roofing market. Therefore, it becomes quite a challenge for a person to select the best option. This is where we come in. We provide affordable, long-lasting, and durable residential roofing in NC.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is slightly different from residential. In commercial roofing, the material is used to protect and seal the tops of the commercial structures. It protects from dust, hail, snowstorms, and heavy rainfalls. Commercial roofs have flat slopes, unlike residential roofs that have typically steep slopes.

Here are a few of the best (and recommended) types of Commercial Roofing:

  • Asphalt Shingles – One of the cheapest and most effective shingle tile options for commercial roofs, it comes in the bituminous coating.
  • Metal Roof – light in weight, low-cost and have more durability to support commercial structures.
  • Clay or Ceramic Roof Tile – Popular choice in warmer areas as these tiles repel 40% of the sunlight to keep the structure cool.

Why Choose Us

As professional roofing contractors, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality in every service we provide.

We Take Care Of Any Roofing Issue

We can handle everything from leaky roofs to new builds, so you don’t have to worry about your next roofing project.

Customer Oriented

We ensure every customer feels like they’re a family member while treating their homes with absolute respect.

An Experienced Team

Our years of experience ensure that your roof is performing and looking great again.

Financing Options

If you require a new roof, we have financing options that will work for your budget.

Affordable and Multiple Services

We offer multiple roofing services at affordable prices to help you get the most out of your roof for the best price.

Warranty That Lasts

A Lifetime, 50-year, non-prorated warranty is offered to each of our clients.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Our customers are satisfied with their new roofs and enjoy the services we provide! Please take a look at what some of them have to say about us.

Jenny Davies
Jenny Davies
Terry showed up same day I called, and we were very thankful as a storm was coming in. He checked for moisture areas and was the first to actually look in the attic to see what was causing our metal roof to leak. He explained it all very clearly and worked hard to clean up the mess and get it tightly sealed. He then went around and tightened all the loose screws, even working well after-hours. We had been through the ringer with companies flaking on us and were so relieved to have found a genuine, hard-working roof specialist. He'll be our first call from now on.
Mary Chen
Mary Chen
Terry showed up on time and was very informative of our situation, he missed our first scheduled appointment. But he more then made it up by offering to repair our problem for free. I asked him lots of questions and he was more informative than the other roofers, he also quoted us a fair estimate, cheaper than another roofer. Thank you terry, we understand you're busy. we appreciate you coming by and making it right. Definitely call terry if you have a problem with your roof. there might be miscommunications like there is with all other businesses but you can rest assure this one will make it right. Thnx Terry!
Edith Poole
Edith Poole
He explained everything, before starting. Cleaned up when finished.
Cindy Dabbs
Cindy Dabbs
My husband contacted Terry about a leaking roof and he was at our place in a matter of hours. Very pleasant and explained the job he had done repairing our leak. Advised us on a new roof and very affordable. Would highly recommend.
Teresa Bolton
Teresa Bolton
We had a leak happen and I found Terry on Google. All of the 5 star ratings are well deserved. He came out the same day, in the pouring rain and went up on our roof and fixed everything. Very friendly, knowledgeable and great price for all he did in this downpour. Very highly recommend his service!

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