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If you are searching for Roofers in Charlotte, NC, you have come to the right place! We do it all regardless of the roofing service you need, from maintenance and cleaning to repair and installation. We have provided excellent roofing services to businesses and homes with the highest quality materials and methods for over a decade.

We use high-quality products and proper fixing methods for roofing services in Charlotte, NC. From roof replacements to repairs and inspections of the roof, it is guaranteed that we will do everything to ensure your property is safety and security with a roof system that performs.

If you believe your roof is damaged, contact our roofing experts in Charlotte today. We provide complete roof services with a top-quality estimate. You just name the city, county, or town in North Carolina and we’ll be there. Call us at (336) 480-1824 for more details.

Common Roof Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Leakage is not the only problem your roof can undergo and reduce its longevity. There are various ways your house can get damaged over time. Even minor damages can lead to significant repairs or early replacement. It is, therefore, crucial to look for your roof that has been damaged. Following are the most common roof repair queries:

  • Cracks, holes, gaps, and holes
  • Absent shingles
  • The curling, shrinking, or dislodged shingles
  • Standing water
  • Growth of mold

Are we wondering about workers? We have a team of certified roofers who have mastered the art of roof repair. We first evaluate the roof and estimations and professional opinions. Our goal is to ease your roofing stress.

Here are a few DIY tips to get you started:

  • Skylights are protected by a roof seal that prevents water from getting in.
    Check every vent for screens that keep bugs and debris out.
  • Examine downspouts and gutters to ensure appropriate Connections, clogs, and damage happen. These problems could cause water to get into basements or the foundation.
  • Installing components (such as flashing) that help control water flows must need expert roofers. They prevent water from getting into the walls of your house, which could cause structural and mold damage.
  • Examine your roof for algae signs to ensure the roof’s cleanliness and health.

Trusted Roofing Company in Charlotte, NC

We use high-quality materials in all of our roofing for residential projects. These are among the top and most well-known brands on a national scale. We prefer these brands as they offer strong protection on one of your most important investments for years to come.
Our roofers’ service is available for all roofing systems in Charlotte, NC, and we operate in all counties.

Below is a list of counties that we can provide roofing repair and replacement for in Charlotte, NC:

  • Mecklenburg County
  • York County
  • Union County
  • Cabarrus County
  • Gaston County
  • Iredell County
  • Rowan County
  • Lancaster County
  • Lincoln County
  • Chester County
  • Anson County

We offer repairs and replacements of roofs across all towns and cities of Charlotte. The top roofers in Charlotte, NC town and city. It comprises:

  • Charlotte
  • Concord
  • Gastonia
  • Rock Hill
  • Huntersville
  • Kannapolis
  • Mooresville
  • Indian Trail
  • Salisbury
  • Monroe
  • Cornelius
  • Matthews
  • Statesville
  • Fort Mill
  • Mint Hill
  • Waxhaw
  • Harrisburg
  • Mount Holly
  • Stallings
  • Belmont
  • Davidson
  • Weddington
  • Tega Cay
  • Kings Mountain
  • Lincolnton
  • Pineville

Roof Installation Services in Charlotte


We utilize top-of-the-line materials like GAF Timberline HD shingles and Owens Corning’s algae-resistant Oakridge shingles to provide the best protection for your home for many years. If it’s been 14 to 20 years since your roof requires replacement, Give us a call to discuss the many options for your home.


If your roof appears relatively new but shows signs of leaks, it is a good chance it needs replacement. In many cases, poor installation and extreme weather conditions can lead to leaks. The good thing is that often the issue is a fixable issue without the need to replace the roof entirely. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


Are you looking for a top-notch roofing company in Indian Matthews? You’re at the right place. We provide state-of-the-art roofing services at the lowest affordable rates. From high-quality repairs to excellent installation, we cover it all. We only use first-rate quality material because we want you to have safety and satisfaction under one roof.


If your roof seems reasonably new, it is likely leaking; it needs to be fixed. In many cases, poor installation and highly harsh weather patterns can result in premature leaks in the roof. However, the good news is that we assist in fixing with our expert roofing team without the need to replace the roof entirely. Reach us now for a no-cost quote.


We use top-notch materials such as GAF Timberline HD shingles and Owens Corning Algae Resistant Oakridge shingles for the ultimate protection of your home for years to come. There are a variety of roofing options available. Drop us an inquiry to arrange an estimate without hassle for re-roofing your home.


Some roof leaks do not result in the roof needing to be replaced. If the roof is new, it’s likely caused by inadequate installation or severe weather conditions. Let us look at the top to find out what’s causing the leak. We’ll then provide solutions that work.


We use Elite quality materials such as GAF Timberline HD shingles and Owens Corning algae-resistant Oakridge shingles to provide the best protection for your home over many years. If it’s been 12 to 20 years since your roof requires replacement, reach one of our roofing experts by contacting us to discuss the different choices available to your home. We provide the top industry roofing warranties.


Sometimes, a roof repair may be all you need for your home. The security of your home from the weather is crucial. If your roof was recently repaired or replaced, it does not need to be replaced entirely to solve the issue. A poor installation and harsh weather conditions could have contributed to the leak. Simple fixes could be the answer. Inquire us now for a discussion about your roofing.

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If you’ve noticed leaks and other signs of deterioration on your roof, you should contact a professional roofer. We are certified roofing experts provide the best roofing services in Charlotte and nearby areas. Our team is honest and welcoming, and we guarantee that your roof repair, installation or replacement will be of top-quality. Allow us to show you how simple roofing solutions are.

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