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Metal Shingles, Metal Tiles and Standing Seam Metal Roofing Repair

Metal roofs are famous for robustness and longevity, but even in its case, repair work is essential. With time, any roof loses its original charm followed by decaying structural performance. Precipitation, harsh weather, or carelessness—there can be several causes for that. We provide expert metal roof repair services in North Carolina, US at prices you would not believe.

Residential Metal Roof Repair Company in NC

The primary function of any roof is to protect the home from damage caused by adverse atmospheric factors. Rainfall, snow, heat waves, hailstorm, UV radiation—natural calamities do not spare any roof. Over time, metal roofs start to lose preventive properties which results in leakage or damage.

To begin with, the repair of a metal roof is preceded by carefully reviewing its condition—how bad is the leakage or damage. We at Statewide Roofing always inspect the roof first from inside out and assess the beams, panels, and attic flooring.

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Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractor in NC, USA

Since commercial buildings cover more area per sq. ft. than homes, the roof repair cost will also be more. Depending on the pitch, slope and area, the commercial metal roof repair will cost around $5 to $25 per sq. ft. Commercial repair requires more manpower, material, and attention as even a tiny left hole can become a nuisance for the owner.

The most common causes of metal roof replacement are leakage, extreme weather, roofing wear, and deformation of the metal coating due to mechanical errors.

In case of prolonged damage, you may need to replace the whole metal sheet as in this case soldering the leakage or rusting with patches may not work.

Reliable Metal Roof Repair Services

Frequent roof inspections will allow you to keep your metal roof in its original appearance. The inspections will also help you to decide if the metal roof needs a repair or complete replacement. To get you started, here are the best metal roof repair methods of today:

Do-it-yourself Minor Metal Roof Repair

Four out of ten homeowners in NC, USA have a basic understanding of roof repair. The places to find defects are grooves, cornice overhangs, slopes, or joints. First, open the ridges and cut the defective portion. Then wrap both edges, remove the damaged sheet and replace it. Attach metal patches if the damage does not require replacement.

Elimination of Leaks

The main “villain” that threats your roof is leakage. Leaks not only damage your roof but allow water to drain its way into your home and ruin your interior. Leakage can be a result of corrosion, loose fasteners, mechanical damage, unsealed technical holes, or extreme weather.

Applying Patches

Installing the patches directly on the damaged coating area is one affordable way to fix your metal roof. In this process, it is important to first clean the damaged area with a brush. For patching, galvanized iron (100 mm or more) is most often used. You can also use zinc, cadmium or lead to apply to the damaged area. With a powerful soldering iron, melt the alloys upon and around the area and apply sealant for reliability. Once patched, remove the edges with a file and coat it with paint.

Use of Sealants for Roof Repair

Sealants are known for their less-hassle repair approach. It is widely used in metal roofs to repair, loose ends, leaky folds, junctions, and joints. Never apply sealing on holes as the damage may require patches or replacement. Polyurethane and Bituminous rubber are amongst the best sealants to have repair longevity.

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How Much Does Metal Roof Repair Cost?

The repair price of a metal roof depends on the type of roof you have. Because the roof repair prices vary from material to labour. Here’s an approximated pricing of a metal roof repair:

Metal Roof Repair Cost per Square Foot

For DIY repair, the repair price should be between $5 to $20 per sq. ft.—that’s just an average price. The price may increase or decrease depending on the roof damage. From fastener backout to corrosion and leakage, the overall metal roof repair cost will be between $100 to $4000.

Cost of Metal Roof Repair by Patch

If the holes, leaks, or cracks are not that big and can be fixed by sealing or patching, then the repair should cost between $7.5 to $15, and the overall cost will be between $200 to $1000.

Cost of Metal Roof Repair by Sealants

Due to instant repair, the sealants are often used for small leaks. The repair is $2.5 to $18 and the overall repair of the roof will be around $700 to $2000

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roof Repair

It is vital to have a basic understanding of how a roof can be repaired—and how much will it cost you. For this, let’s see the pros and cons of a metal repair of the following repair methods:


Metal Roof Repair by Alloys: affordable metals, easy to solder and paint, can last longer.

Roof Patching: Reliable, best for holes or leaks, affordable labor.

Sealants: User-friendly, DIY repair method, no use of soldering iron.


Apart from the effort, there are no cons of any of the aforesaid methods. However, if the roofers weren’t paying attention to every hole or leak, then any roof repair method can have multiple flaws. For this, always contact a professional roof repair company like Statewide Roofing experts.

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