Roof Inspection: Commercial and Residential Roof Inspection in NC, USA

Getting a regular roof inspection is like going on regular visits to the dentists every 6 months; helps catch problems in their early phases and prevents painful conditions. We know how much of a pain roof leakages cause in rainy seasons. Roof inspections stop further damage to your house or building. For the people who think it’s unnecessary, remember that an inspection is way easier and lighter on your pockets as compared to restoration. We offer the best roof inspection services for your home and commercial roofs at no cost. We are HAAG Certified roofers. We also provide drone inspections. Book your free inspection today!

Types of Roof Inspection

When it comes to the types of roof inspections, you will see we have a lot of options available. Apart from visually detecting your roof problems, there are other methods such as; Extended Camera Survey, Drone Roof Survey, MEWP (Mobile Elevating Platform) Survey, Core Sampling, Electronic Leak Inspection, Thermal Roof Inspection, and Moisture Probe or Moisture Scanning.

When Should Your Roof be Inspected?

Your roof should be inspected every year in the fall before winter arrives in High Point, North Carolina. Having your roof inspected before the winter can prevent severe damage from occurring.

What is Statewide Roofing Specialist Looking For?

While many roofing issues are visible from the outside, many aren’t. Our specialists know exactly what to look for and can find issues that aren’t visible from the outside, like roof rot or leaks in your attic.

Commercial Roof Inspection

A commercial roof inspection is the first step towards having an unproblematic roof for your commercial building. Your roofing inspector will walk your roof and look for any signs of trouble and their origins such as; Ponding water, Holes in the substrate, Cracks, Blisters, Uplifted seams, nails and/or shingles, Decking (any rot or staining spotted), Surface membranes, Roof vents, Flashing or Field tears. We might also require a core sample from your roof to better assess the condition of your roof and provide better solutions for your repair at less prices.

Our talented team members here at Statewide Roofing Specialist will thoroughly inspect your roof for any damage or issues in need of repair. They’re trained for all circumstances, and will know what to do no matter what the problem is.

Residential Roof Inspection

Your home roof inspection plays an important part in you leading a comfortable life in the safety of your home. Our team of professional inspectors will look for any signs of trouble on your roof and will recommend to you the best way to fix them which will be cost-friendly as well. If your roof is not eligible to be repaired, for example, an asphalt roof more than 15 years old, we can recommend a good roof replacement process to avoid extra costs of repair. The best time to get your yearly residential roof inspection is before winter.

FREE New and Old Roof Inspection

An inspection follows the same steps for any roof, however, the outcomes may vary depending on the layers of your roof, the materials used and the duration of time the roof has been installed for. We do not recommend unnecessary repairs on old roofs to save your time and money, instead offering roof replacement options.

We are a residential and commercial roofing company with our services not only limited to construction but also the inspection, repair, and maintenance of your roofs. Take advantage of our finance options and packages to make your roofing project a reality. We have roofing inspection templates available for your ease. Our team will work with you on an affordable plan that fits any budget, no matter how big or small it may be! All roof inspections are free of cost.

Prevent Further Damage

By scheduling an inspection in autumn, you can fix any issues before winter comes around.

Experience Peace of Mind

After your inspection and any repairs are completed, you’ll be at peace knowing your roof is in good condition heading into the snowy season.

Reduce Risk of Replacement

By tackling the small issues first, you’ll reduce the risk of needing a replacement further down the road.

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We’ll Help Protect Your Roof Through the Winter Months

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