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Get your roof inspected by a HAAG Certified roof inspector in North Carolina. Low-cost HAAG Certified roof inspection services. We have extensive training and expertise to handle any claim. Don’t run the risk of minor roofing issues turning into full-blown emergencies when you least expect it. Stay on top of any roofing problems with an annual roof inspection completed by Statewide Roofing Specialist. Our HAAG-certified roof inspections experts in High Point, NC can uncover the smallest problems and make recommendations for moving forward with solutions. As a property owner in the High Point, NC area, being proactive about roof maintenance can save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run! Reach out today and call (336)-905-3456 to schedule your appointment for an HAAG-certified roof inspection.

Benefits of HAAG Certified Roof Inspections

  1. You’ll know exactly what condition your roof is in and what fixes need to be made.
  2. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of any weak areas, leaking, and other issues of concern.
  3. You’ll reduce the chance that roofing issues will advance to the stage where total replacement is necessary.
  4. You’ll catch problems caused by severe storms early on before they wreak havoc on your home’s structure.
  5. You’ll have expert help making insurance claims after storm damage.
  6. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family are well-protected.

HAAG Roof Inspection Specialist

The professionals at Statewide Roofing Specialist recommend that you have your roof inspected in the fall, before winter arrives in High Point, NC. Remember that while you can see some signs of roof problems (such as missing shingles and tree branches on the roof), many signs of damage (including hail impact, rot under shingles, punctures caused by debris, leaks in the attic, and damaged metal flashing) are not as visible.

This is where Statewide Roofing Specialist comes in. This is what we’re trained to do. We know exactly what to look for and what solutions to suggest.

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Statewide Roofing Specialist can conduct a thorough roof inspection and report on the condition of your roof. Reach out to us at (336)-905-3456 or submit our online contact request form to schedule an appointment for one of our HAAG certified roof inspections in North Carolina.

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