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Is your roof leaking? Are you tired of roof damage? Call us at (336)-905-3456 to book your free roof inspection. We repair all types of asphalt shingle roofs. We take pride in being able to assess leaks and repair them before it damages the entire roof. Not all roofs need to have a complete roof replacement if it is maintained and regularly inspected. We use state-of-the-art equipment that helps our expert roofers to pinpoint the origin of the leakage or damage. We do shingle repairs all across NC.

Commercial and Residential Shingle Repair

If you notice something looks off or is wrong with your asphalt roof, give us a call at (336)-905-3456 as soon as possible! Once we arrive on-site, we will inspect your roof and determine the best course of action for your budget and needs. We pride ourselves on our excellent roofing knowledge. Your project will be completed correctly the first time around with no delays.

You have come to the right place if you are searing for the best asphalt shingle roof repairing company or contractors in NC. We have been providing remarkable commercial and residential shingle leak and damage repair services for years. We have a specialized and trained team to do a prompt inspection, provide an affordable quotation and quickly fix your roof.

Our professional inspection includes torn, cracked, worn out, missing shingles, lost granules of shingle, rubber boots of pipes missing or cracked caulk, rusted or missing flashing, and rotten or damaged rubber boots. In addition, we also check the chimneys and gutters to ensure that there is no leakage that is causing the damage to your commercial and residential roofs.

Residential and commercial shingle roofs are exposed to extreme weather like fierce winds, UV Rays, hailstorms, heavy rain, and snow. Once a roof is affected, it requires an inspection followed by repairs or fixes to ensure a long roof life. But if you delay the inspection and repair process, then the roof may end up in wood decay, moisture, and insect infestation. To save your time and money, contact us today. We will do a free inspection of residential and commercial roofs all across North Carolina, USA.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

Whether you are missing a few shingles or have damage to a large portion of your roof, we are here to help.

Free Shingle Roof Inspection

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Best Asphalt Shingle Leak and Damage Repair Services

Many commercial and residential buildings require asphalt shingle repairs in North Carolina following heavy storms, rainfalls, and extreme weather. Asphalt shingle roof leak and damage require quick fixes otherwise the shingle will crack and may result in leaks and cause structural property damage. Do not worry as our eminently skillful and certified team of roofing experts are present 24/7 in NC. Have a roof leakage? Call us at (336)-905-3456 for a quick and free inspection. We are best known for our quality services. As per our experience in the vicinity of North Carolina, many homeowners overlook the shingle damages after a heavy storm. This can eventually lead to leakage and damage which in certain cases required a complete roof replacement.

Our roofing experts will conduct an extensive shingle roof inspection to identify the primary cause. All of our roof inspections are free. We will also do a thorough leakage inspection and check torn, damaged, and missing shingles. The shabby shingles, caulk, roof flashing, granules, and all damaged, lost, and rotten areas should be repaired in time before it costs you the entire roof.

We will help you make the best decision once the initial inspection of the shingle roof is done. Our trained and certified roofing team in NC ensures the end-to-end effectiveness and accuracy of the project. Our relentless efforts and decade of expertise in shingles repair positioned us in clients’ minds all over NC. In addition, the key to success is high-quality craftsmanship with great satisfaction and safety.

High-Quality Services that Fit Your Budget

We offer a variety of different materials, and we’ll always work with you to ensure that your budget is being honored.

Work with a Team that Cares

Our staff is passionate about what they do, which means your project will be completed quickly and accurately.

Keep Your Roof Maintained

If you ever notice something wrong with your roof, we’re just a phone call away! We’re happy to inspect and fix any issues, big and small

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We’re Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Asphalt Roofing Services all across North Carolina

We’re eager to get started on your asphalt roofing project, whether you need a repair or a replacement. Give us a call today at (336)-905-3456 to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will it cost me to repair the shingle roof?

The price of repairing a roof shingle is contingent upon the amount of damage that has taken place. It could range between a couple hundred and thousands of dollars. Given that the variance is vast, homeowners are pleased with the opportunity to estimate.

How much area of my roof requires repair?

Once our certified roofing experts finish the roof inspection, we’ll be able to tell you if a specific portion of shingle repair is needed or an entire roof repair. Quotation of both is dependent on a quick inspection.

What happens after repair if the leak remains?

It has sometimes been noticed that leak comes from another area than the one fixed earlier. Experts say that it happens with old construction. With our specialized team you need not worry about refitting the roof and seal it properly.

What happens if the primary leakage isn’t the main issue?

In case the cause of the leak isn’t the primary issue, then we spread out the inspection to other areas of the roof. Often there are several causes and previous repairs can miss out on the not-found ones. For instance, if sneath rotting is the cause, it’s not evident until the shingles are removed.

How long will it take to do shingle repair of the roof?

If it’s a portion to repair, a Shingle roof should take a week because replacing a roof is time-consuming. However, we are not in a position to provide an estimated time until our team of experts inspect the roof.

Do you see the shingles repair apparent?

We match new shingles with the previous ones to make the repair not evident. On the contrary, shingles used in old construction still provide the best alternative match. Therefore, the repair section will appear as new as day one. If the damage is big and change can be visible, then we’ll find a suitable alternative.

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