Shingle Roof Replacement in NC

We provide shingle roof replacement services all across NC. Asphalt, composite, wood, clay, and metal shingle replacement at a low cost. We are expert roofers providing shingle roof replacement services for decades in North Carolina. Often times customers have made their mind to replace the shingle roof and upon inspection repairing or replacing few shingle pieces will be enough. We provide a detailed inspection report with best possible solution for your commercial and residential shingle roofs. Call us at (336)-905-3456 for more details.

Commercial and Residential Shingle Roof Replacement

We can replace shingle roofs from residential houses and commercial buildings. Let us walk you through the entire process of shingle roof replacement and give you an idea of how we do the job with all checks listed. Firstly, if a portion of a shingle is missing, the whole part needs a replacement. Always double check if you have remaining shingles from the previous roof installation, the roofing contractor will have left shingles after accomplishing the job previously. On the contrary, if not, you will need to buy it. The average price is $13 to $24 for a square or 100 square foot of the standard three-tab roofing. If you won’t find the alternate, try to find the closest match in case of failure matching. We highly recommend calling a professional contractor for great satisfaction. Contact us will help you find the closest match.

Replacing damaged shingles requires specific tools such as a hammer, a flat pry bar, a utility knife, and several 1/4 inch roofing nails. Each shingle is protected with nails from every corner of the square. Likewise, another layer of shingles above is installed; the nails of that course also go across the top edge of the shingles and below. As professionals, we remove the nails by sliding the pry bar underneath the shingle directly on top of the damaged one and gently uplifting and replacing it with the strip of sealer. However, there will be the initial row of the nail beneath it that needs to be carefully handled to avoid leaks. Our expert uses specific tools and knowledge to ensure safety.

We start replacing the damaged shingles by putting the pry bar tactfully and pulling it upwards. That’s how nails pop up, around 1/4 inch from the damaged shingle. We exercise the same for the rest of the nails. After that, we push the bar over the damaged nail and take out the second row in the same manner. Once we pull out all eight nails from both rows, then comes the time to replace the damaged piece of shingles. The whole exercise requires great attention and expertise.

Asphalt Shingles Replacement Cost in North Carolina

Asphalt shingles are also known as three-tab shingles. Our specialized team knows how to replace asphalt shingles and make adjustments that are perfect and durable for your roof. It is considered the lowest price shingle, starting from $1 per square.

Composite Shingles Replacement Cost

Composite shingles consist of various materials, i.e., rubber and plastic, providing the appearance of slate. Some have similar prices to asphalt shingles. However, you could be paying as high as $350 for a square of high-quality composite shingles. As expert roofers, we provide composite shingle replacement all across NC.

Wood Shingles Replacement Cost

The shingles are made from softwoods like spruce, cedar, etc., called wood shingles. Their price is comparatively higher than asphalt shingles due to its market demand, durability and attractiveness. You can buy these with a range of $320-$490 per square. We provide wood shingle replacement services all across North Carolina.

Clay Shingles Replacement Cost

Clay shingles are a popular choice of homeowners residing in warm and sunny areas of North Carolina. They are popular because they can absorb heat and encourage airflow. It costs from $400 to $1,200 per square. We provide clay shingle replacement services in North Carolina.

Metal Shingles Replacement Cost

It is considered to be one of the long-lasting choice of homeowners. Metal shingle’s life expectancy is between 70 and 75 years. These shingles are fireproof and cooler than most roofing types because they reflect light. It costs around $290 to $400 per square meter for a roof made of metal shingles. We provide metal shingle replacement services in NC.

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